1. Free counselling sessions on Post-Graduate Medical Specialist Training in Germany.
  2. Initial Screening to determine your odds of obtaining Medical Specialist Training position in Germany.
  3. Tactical advise on initial preparation in home country.
  4. Skill analysis by experts for committed clients.
  5. Insurance,Accommodation,Visa and travel assistance.
  6. Post Graduate Mentoring program in Germany(PGMP)
  7. Work-permit assistance.


  • Muhammad Idrees

    Sir please tell me about German language institute or facilities here in Pakistan?? If not available then what should we do for??

  • Dr.Divakar

    Hii Ashok ji, i am dng my internship in china. Iam about to complete my internship by may 2019,i want to pursue medical pg in germany,am i eligible without mci clearance to get ur medical pg training in germany?

    • Ashok

      Nope. You will need to obtain registration in India by clearing the FMGE.


    • Ashok

      Hello Divakar

      Since China does not register foreign doctors, you will need to clear MCI and obtain registration to become eligible for PG in Germany.

      All the best.


  • Yogesh

    Hi sir,
    I am a MBBS graduate from India, intrested in doing post graduation from Germany. Please assist me for that.

    Thanks and Regards
    Yogesh Ahuja

  • Pritish

    Hello sir,
    I am final year medical student.I am studying in Ukraine and want to pursue my pg from Germany,is it possible to choose the field of our desire?
    What kind of assistance will be provided from your side in getting the desired field?

    • Ashok

      Hello Pritish

      I assume you are an Indian and hence a foreign student in the Ukraine; So, you will be a foreign doctor with a degree from a third country in Germany. To be eligible for a PG training position/ approbation in Germany, a foreign doctor needs to have permanent registration either in the country of graduation or in home country. Apparentl, Ukraine does not provide permanent registration to foreign doctors, so you need to obtain MCI registration to become eligible.

      Hope this helps.


  • George

    I am doing my MBBS in ukraine. I wanted to know if i get Ukrainian medical doctor license, can you assist me to get a PG seat in germany without MCI exam?

  • Mohammad arshad

    How n where do I find details regarding course in orthopaedics n trauma??

  • dr Aijaz

    hello sir,
    could u tell me please about hospitation programme?
    actually one of friend and a batch mate went to germany two years back for hospitation programme. he was working as observer there in some hospital and they provide him accomodation and 500eu stipend and three german classes a week. but they told him that he has to finish his b1 level within six months.he did it and then he got placement in urology and he is second year student in urololgy.

    • Ashok

      Hello Dr Aijaz

      Hospitation is another word for Internship a.k.a Observership. This is not a ticket to Pg Training placement in Germany; however, Hospitation does help in learning valuable skills to make one attractive in the German PG Placement market. A month’s Hospitation will suffice for most candidates.

      There is no stipend for “Hospitation”anywhere in Germany; Why should a hospital pay to get someone to observe them??? There is a salary for PG Training positions, which is Euro 4024/PM.

      Moreover, the ground situation now is not like tow years back; Rules have changed(infact, they are always changing) and there is a lot more competition.

      IF, you wish to seriously pursue the aim of doing PG Training in Germany, then be prepared to work very hard and also compete in an open market.

      Please check the site for the details of our PGMP, which enables one to get prepared.


    • rakesh

      the most important question i want to ask mr ashok ji that will our german postgraduation degree of 5-6 years will be recognised and accepted by MCI or not??????????
      can we comebck to india after 5-7 years to work in both govt nd private sectors which is much needed for us to exist in india.bcse we are not going to germany for permanent settlement in germany.
      kindly plz give a suggestion regarding mu query.

      • Ashok


        I have given the link to the schedule 3 of the MCI on the website itself. Please check.


  • Hello Debasish

    I am available on the phone between 1100hrs-1300hrs & 1600hrs-1800hrs on all days.

    You may call.


  • Debasish mohanty

    Thanks Mr.Ashok for replying.
    I want to know how to be one of your candidate ?
    Should I call on the phone number given in this website ??

  • Hello Debashish

    It is possible to get your desired choice of specialization in Germany. However, it is not a “guaranteed” procedure as it depends on your performance at the time of interviews as well. But, with proper preparation, this is perfectly achievable; all our candidates have obtained their choice of stream till date.


  • Debasish mohanty

    I am a final year student of medicine in India.
    I am interested in doing my specialisation in Germany. Please do guide me that regard.
    I have read your website the FAQ’s , and really happy and hopeful. Thank you so very much.

    I am planning to finish my specialisation in India and then move to Germany. Or if I get plastic surgery/ cardio vascular and thoracic surgery in Germany which interests me the most I would like to take it up as soon as I finish my present MBBS degree in India.
    Please do reply.

    Facebook –
    dev debasish
    Phone 7749850409


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