Do you wish to apply for your PG Medical Specialist Training in Germany? If so, are you feeling stuck? If you answered yes to both questions, feel free to talk to us. We are an association of experts with more than a decade of experience in the counseling, preparation(German Language, Medical terminology, Approbation, Job placement training and work-permit assistance) and mentoring of medical doctors aspiring to pursue post-graduate medical study in Germany(known as Medical Specialist Training in Germany). Any Medical doctor from the Indian sub-continent, Middle East and Europe can ask us for advice and help. As a team of professionals that keeps itself updated with the current developments in issues to do with medical training in Germany, our services are extremely reliable and success oriented.

Our services

We can assist you in a number of ways. First, we provide free counseling on Post-Graduate Medical Specialist Training in Germany. Next, we assess your profile to estimate your chances of success in the pursuit of obtaining a PG training position of your choice in Germany; This is done by a Zero risk two stage elimination process. We enroll you into our program only if your profile meets our internal yardsticks of suitability. This ensures that your investment in terms of time and money is secure. On successful enrolment, our PGMP(Post Graduate Mentoring program) kicks in and prepares and supports you till you obtain Pg Training position and work-permit in Germany.

Our PGMP – Post Graduate Mentoring Program

PGMP has 2 stages as below:

1. Online learning portal-This phase of PGMP commences and progresses concurrently with German language training. The stage starts with the basic introduction of the German healthcare system and progresses to German Medical Terminology (Over Skype) and preparation for Equivalence Examination (Approbation). Various modules to assist you to rapidly assimilate and integrate into the German culture are also included. Periodic assessment by mentors over Skype ensures your progress. By the time you obtain B2 level in German language, you would have acquired a good grasp on Medical Terminology and Approbation subjects and arrive in Germany better prepared for thefurther challenges.

2. Onsite Phase of PGMP - This phase is conducted in Bonn, NRW, Germany. C1 German language training and cultural immersion- 12 weeks intensive advanced German course and weekly public health related activities for intercultural integration into the German health care system (volunteer work at senior resident facilities, etc.)

  • Preparation for medical language exam:small group medical language training and mock exam workshops (flexible schedule depending on
  • Introduction to German health system and medical environment: one-month observership in a hospital, attendance of public medical events, continuous training seminars, etc.
  • Preparation for medical knowledge equivalency exam: self-study phase and intensive mock exam workshops with German senior specialists in - Internal medicine - General surgery - Radiology/radiation protection - Pharmacology - German medical law. Workshops take place on continuous rotary schedules. Each participant will attend at least one of each workshop, usually several depending on his/her individual preparation and examination schedule. Note: Due to the heterogeneous levels of desired medical specializations and levels of experiences of the participant, the course does not follow the standard class room training format, guides each participant through an individual preparation schedule according to her/his learning needs and pace.
  • Application training for Assistenzarztstelle/Facharztweiterbildung:

    Regular workshops on how to find open positions, assess suitability for personal qualification profile, compose written application according to German standards, master personal interviews, verify contracts according to legal requirements, apply for correct foreigner residency and working permit status.

How to get in touch

If you have any questions about enrolling for our services, give us a call today +91 98202 42932 We can also schedule skype meetings for advanced discussions.