• My Internship experience- PG Germany

    My Internship experience- PG Germany

    Hello everyone. I would like to share my experience during Hospitation in Internal Medicine department in a hospital here in Germany and some things in the hospital, which I found […]

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  • News! Approbation! Dr Soumya .

    News! Approbation! Dr Soumya .

    This is to share an exciting news to inspire and keep you motivated in your journey towards PG Placement in Germany. Dr Soumya S, participant of our previous PGMP batch […]

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  • Hospitation Experience- Indian Doctor in Germany!

    Hospitation Experience- Indian Doctor in Germany!

    We are doing our hospitation right now, from morning 8 to evening 4 and we have language course three days a week from 5 pm to 7:30 pm. Both of […]

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  • Nurses to Germany!!

    Nurses to Germany!!

    We have urgent requirement for Nurses in Germany. Qualified and registered Nurses with B2 level/currently learning German language should contact immediately.  Approx salary is Euro 30000/PA. Contact Mr K P […]

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  • A very common concern!

    A very common concern!

    Hello Many doctors, especially from India are concerned about the “long” duration of PG Specialist training in Germany. This is because they tend to compare the PG Specialist title with […]

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  • Medical Terminology Exam Experience!!!

    Medical Terminology Exam Experience!!!

    My experience in the Fachsprache (Medical Terminology examination) in the run up to PG Med/Surgery in Germany follows:  The exam has 3 parts  1. Arzt Patient Gesprache– Doctor to Patient […]

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  • Congrats Dr Shijo- Plastic Surgery Germany!!!

    Congrats Dr Shijo- Plastic Surgery Germany!!!

    Another piece of exciting and encouraging news from Bonn; Dr Shijo J, participant of PGMP batch 9 called me last night to  inform  that he has obtained a  PG Placement […]

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  • Congrats Dr K Verma!!!

    Congrats Dr K Verma!!!

    Another exciting success story to share with the doctor’s community aspiring to train in Germany. Dr K Verma cleared the approbation examinations this week, in the first attempt itself. By […]

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  • Congrats Dr Manoj K!!!

    Congrats Dr Manoj K!!!

    A  quick update from our PGMP batch in Bonn! Dr  Manoj K , participant of our PGMP has obtained PG training position in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, in Germany. Dr Manoj […]

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  • Success Story!!!

    Success Story!!!

    We started the new year with two success stories. Dr Shaju S & Dr A.Shaikh obtained PG Training positions of their choice in Germany and also the work-permit . I […]

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