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I am a Professional Overseas Education consultant with more than 10 years experience in assisting students from all over the world in pursuing higher education in various countries.

  • Alumni News!

    Alumni News!

    Excellent News people: Three recent success stories from Our current PGMP batch in Bonn. 1. Dr Amit S – He obtained Approbation and is now enjoys full privileges of a […]

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  • Country at a Glance

    Country at a Glance

    Germany is blessed with diverse geographical landscapes and its people have built exciting cities complementing the nature. Germany is the economic superpower of Europe. The long standing tradition of encouraging […]

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  • Germany- Home to World’s best Healthcare Industry

    Germany- Home to World’s best Healthcare Industry

    Germany enjoys an outstanding reputation in providing exemplary medical treatment to patients from around the world. Many heads of state routinely approach distinguished German Medical specialists for the treatment of […]

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  • FastTrack your PG in Germany!

    FastTrack your PG in Germany!

    Candidates aspiring to fast-track their journey to the coveted PG Training placement in Germany can take advantage of this introductory offer. The FAST-TRACK option is offered to complement the PGMP. […]

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  • Medical doctor’s career in Germany

    Medical doctor’s career in Germany

    A medical doctor’s career in Germany – there is hardly any other career path that is more flexible and reliable at the same time. There is a wealth of opportunities […]

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  • Global Recognition@PG Germany!

    Global Recognition@PG Germany!

    There is a lot of debate regarding the recognition of the PG Medical Specialist Training qualifications acquired in Germany. AS far as its recognition in India is concerned, one needs […]

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  • Our Alumni- PG Med/Surgery in Germany

    Our Alumni- PG Med/Surgery in Germany

    CANDIDATES ALREADY PLACED IN PG(SPECIALIST) GERMANY Dr. Soumya C                 – Oncology Dr. L Joseph                 […]

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  • PG Germany preparation- A participant’s perspective!

    PG Germany preparation- A participant’s perspective!

    During my C1 language training, the prospect of learning medical terms in German language was terrifying. Heartfelt thanks to our mentor Dr.K. Petereit, she inspired us a lot and organized […]

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  • Short-Term Specialist Technical Courses

    Short-Term Specialist Technical Courses

    We offer the below given short-term courses in association with a state-of-the-art Medical Simulation center. Endoscopic Surgery Training in Karl Storz Technology Laparoscopic Visceral Surgery 3D and 4D Endosonography Gastrointestinal […]

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  • My Approbation Examination!

    My Approbation Examination!

      The exam is divided into 2 parts. In the first half, I was given a case to take complete history and patient examination. This demands an advanced level of […]

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