About Us

We are an association of Professionals engaged in advising and preparing qualified medical doctors from around the world to apply for Post-Graduate Medical Speciality Training in Germany. We have extensive experience in assiting doctors from the Middle east and the Indian sub-continent.  We keep ourselves abreast of the latest developments in the German Post-Graduate Medical Specialist training system to provide the most relevant advise and prepratory programs to our esteemed clients.

Our clients hail from diverse geographies like India, Malaysia, Iraq, Jordan, Myanmar, Nepal, UAE, Saudi Arabia etc and many parts of Europe as well. Our long, varied  and rich expereince enables us to assist doctors from all over the world to train and make a bright future in Germany.

If you are a young, hardworking and self-motivated medical doctor who aspires to train as a Medical Specilist in Germany, we warmly welcome you into our fold and will nuture you to achieve your dream.

With us, you will see your dream grow wings.

Disclaimer: We are training providers and co-coordinators and not a recruitment agency. We do not provide jobs for medical doctors, neither sell doctors to hospitals. We respect the WHO regulation, which does not permit to actively recruit doctors who are needed in their home countries. The objective of our program is to offer doctors the opportunity to acquire a qualification profile that allows them to pursue postgraduate specialist training in Germany as the final step of their medical education.


Mission Statement

  • To continuously modify and improve our preparatory and advisory program and services to provide you the best and most relevant assistance.
  • To ensure  you are fully appraised and informed of the challenges in obtaining a Medical Specialty Training position in Germany before signing  up for our services.

  • To always utilize modern communication technology   to  keep the cost of our  services low and offer you the most economical price ,while maintaining the highest standards of quality.
  • To prepare you to acquire all the relevant skills and knowledge to successfully apply for the Post-Graduate Medical Specialty Training positions in Germany.

Apart from this service, we also offer lot of other programs in various countries. Please visit Niche International to know more about us.




  • Anagha

    Sir I have completed MBBS
    I want to persue gynecology pg from Germany
    Pls help me

    • Ashok

      Hello Anagha

      I have mailed you the Qualifying questionnaire for Pg in Germany. Please check your SPAM folder just in case.

      Thank you

  • Shyam

    Hello I’m Dr.shyam from chennai. Viewing for a training in paediatrics. What’s the procedure and notes regarding it. I’m post MBBS

    • Ashok

      Hello Dr Shyam

      Please check your email for the qualifying questionnaire on PG in Germany and respond accordingly. Please check your SPAM folder just in case. You may call me on 98202 42932 for further procedure.

  • Ismayeel

    Hi, completed my MBBS planning for germany do u have any branch in Hyderabad.(Andrapradesh)

    • Ashok

      Hello Ismayeel

      WE have no branches. Our services are designed to be delivered remotely. WE already have assisted many students from Hyderabad to obtain PG Training positions in Germany.

      Please check your email for the qualifying questionnaire for PG in Germany. Please check your SPAM folder, just in case.

      Thank you

  • Arjun g menon

    I am an otolaryngologist working in Kerala , India. Is it possible for me to pursue a specialist training in ORL in Germany?
    What would be the total expenses?
    Course duration?
    Academic requirements?

    I finished my MS(ENT) in Pune, India and is now working as an Assistant professor in a medical college hospital.

    • Ashok

      Hello Arjun Menon

      Its interesting to see lot of interest from Keralites for Germany. Many of our successful clients are Keralites and quite a few of them are under preparation as well.

      BTW, Your option is to try for a PG training position based on your MBBS- however, please note that by virtue of your higher qualification(though it does not enjoy recognition in Germany) you can compete more effectively for the best training positions of your interest. There is no tuition fee for the actual PG Training in Germany, instead you will receive a salary of Euro 4000/PM(approx Rs 2.8lacs/month) during the training period itself. However, the preparation costs money. You should be in a position to comfortably invest approx Rs 15 lacs (inclusive of living expenses for 12 months in Germany, during the preparation)

      Hope this helps.


  • dr nayan shree

    Have you any office in Delhi/NCR? Kindly forward address if yes.

    • Ashok

      Hello Dr Nayan shree

      We have no branches in Delhi. However, it is perfectly possible to undergo the full procedure without travelling to Mumbai/personal meeting. In fact, a majority of our candidates who are now training in Germany have not visited our office or met me in person. Our service is designed to do this.



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