Dr Mohammed Faiz Shaikh’s Testimony

Hello. I am Dr. Mohammed Faiz Shaikh, from Aurangabad, Maharashtra and I completed my MBBS from Pravara Medical College, Loni, Maharashtra.

I decided on doing my PG training in Germany because it offers a really effective, efficient and practical oriented PG training program and also one of the few countries that allow a foreigner to get a surgical residency. Also, there is no fee and one earns handsomely when training, so it was perfect for me.

Learning the German language never felt like a very difficult task as I had imagined. One requires practice – Read, speak and watch movies and shows.

With proper guidance and a bit of hard work, one can easily get a good grip on the language.

After finishing my language training till B2, I applied to an Institute in Freiburg but did not get the visa as the institute was unable to assist me in obtaining the Defizitbeschied and I ended up wasting a lot of time waiting for the never-arriving visa.

It was during this difficult period some of my colleagues recommended me Niche International and their pathway program FibNicheMed for doctors aspiring to undergo PG Medicine/Surgery training in Germany. I did a lot of research and also found out that one of my seniors has utilized this program and is currently undergoing Pg training in a surgical branch in Germany. A couple of my colleagues were also were enrolled in the program (they have now passed FSP and preparing for Approbation), and were immensely satisfied with the prompt and professional service and the comprehensive program. Hence I opted for this.

The support and guidance I obtained for the application of Defizitbeschied (I got it within 10 days) and Visa were excellent. I know for a fact that no other institution does so much as I have friends who have tested other options as well. I was allowed to participate in FibNicheMed classes conducted in Bonn, Germany through video conferencing while I was waiting for the Visa and I learned a lot even during the waiting period. These classes are interactive and well spaced, 2 – 3 times a week with ample time and focus on self-study. All queries and doubts are very openly, without any problem, cleared and the teachers are really friendly and provide good guidance.

For doctors aspiring for PG in Germany, I would definitely recommend Niche International (FibNicheMed). It is truly a one-stop destination to overcome every obstacle one might face in Germany in the journey towards obtaining a PG. Proper and timely guidance combined with hard work is the only way to obtain a PG in Germany.

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4 thoughts on “Dr Mohammed Faiz Shaikh’s Testimony

  1. Hello I am dr.prafull tamrakar ,and I am from raipur chhattisgarh .I have done my MBBS from government medical college raipur . I am searching for post graduation in Germany . I want to know about possibility to doing post graduation in Germany . And how to apply for it. Please help me. Thank you.

    1. Hello Prafull

      Please check your email and respond to the Qualifying questionnaire on PG in Germany. Please check you SPAM folder just in case.


  2. Hlw…
    I am Dr.Juiarh.I have done my mbbs from a medical college in Bangladesh.I am searching for post graduation in Germany . I want to know about possibility to doing post graduation in Germany . And how to apply for it. Please help me. Thank you.
    Plz reply …

    1. Hi

      I have already sent you the qualifying questionnaire for PG in Germany. Please respond to the mail.


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