Specialization – Anesthesia

Anesthesia –  postgraduate training duration 60 Months.

    • Assessment of preoperative risk.
    • Measures of preoperative intensive care.
    • The expiration of organizational issues and preoperative processes of the area.
    • The area-based management of acute pain conditions, including the field of preoperative
    • Medicine
    • The treatment of acute disorders of vital functions, including mechanical ventilation and excessive emergency pacemaker application emergency medical procedures care of palliative care to be supplied incoming patients the infusion and parenteral nutrition including Haemotherapy the area-based drug therapies, including preoperative medication psychogenic symptoms, reactions, and somato-psychosocial contexts the indications, proper sample collection and handling of laboratory tests and classification of results in the clinical picture.
    • Examination and treatment procedures
    • 2nd Field of Anesthesiology

Measures to treat acutely disturbed vital functions, Thereof
Intensive medical treatment of patients with disorders of at least two vital organ systems
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Resuscitation techniques, including weaning
Venepuncture, catheterization, including laying of drains and
central venous access as well as the extraction of the test material, thereof
Central venous catheterization
Infusion, transfusion, and blood replacement therapy, enteral and parenteral nutrition
independently performed anesthesia procedures thereof
Abdominal surgery in
In obstetrics, Thereof
Caesarean section at
When operating on the head and neck region in the fields of ophthalmology, ear, nose, and Laryngology, maxillo-facial surgery or neurosurgery
In infants and young children up to the age of 5 Age
Outpatient surgery
Neuraxial regional anesthesia

Examination and treatment procedures

Regional anesthesia and peripheral nerve blocks, Thereof:

Documented preoperative regional pain therapy

Participation in anesthesia for intrathoracic surgery

Participation in anesthesia for intracranial surgery

Fiber-optic intubation

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