Specialization – Dermatology Skin and Venereal diseases

Knowledge, experience and skills in:

  • the general content of training for Sections B and C
  • health counseling, (early) detection, conservative and surgical treatment and rehabilitation of the skin, subcutaneous tissue and its blood vessels, skin appendages and a vivid mucous membranes, including the area-based immunological diseases
  • the prevention, diagnosis, surgical treatment, aftercare and rehabilitation of tumors of the skin and mucous membranes including the skin near the bases of area-based tumor therapy
  • palliative care services to be supplied incoming patients
  • psychogenic symptoms, reactions, and somato-psychosocial contexts
  • the detection and treatment of non-related allergy and pseudo-allergic diseases
  • the prevention, detection and treatment of sexually transmitted infections and infestations of
  • skin and mucous membranes near and sex organs
  • detection of andrological disorders and indications for further treatment
  • the detection and treatment of vascular territorial epifascial including chronic venous insufficiency of the leg ulcers and peripheral lymphoid drainage problems
  • detection of proctological diseases and indications for further treatment
  • the area-based drug therapy, including topical and systemic drugs and the pharmaceutical formulation of dermatological
  • the prevention, detection, treatment and rehabilitation of occupational dermatoses
  • the fundamentals of business and environmental dermatology, including the territorial toxicology
  • wound care, wound care and bandaging
  • the emergency treatment of anaphylactic shock
  • the indications, proper sample collection and treatment of laboratory tests and classification of the results in the disease pattern
  • the diagnosis and monitoring of physical, balneological and climatological therapeutic measures
  • the dermatological non-ionizing radiation treatment and laser therapy
  • the diagnosis and classification of histological findings and territorial molecular biological investigations
  • nutrition-related cutaneous manifestations, including dietary treatment
  • the foundations of hereditary diseases, including the indications for genetic counseling

Examination and treatment procedures:

nonspecific and allergen-mediated provocation tests, including maternity and epicutaneous, intracutaneous and cutaneous tests and create a treatment plan (Illness)
desensitization (illness)
dermatological checkups
surgical procedures, whereof:
excision of benign and malignant tumors
artificial local and regional flaps, also using skin stretching process
free autologous skin transplants and other transplants
phlebological surgery, eg epifascial vein stripping, ulcer coverage, ligation of incompetent veins perforating, crossectomy, superficial thrombectomy
aesthetic surgical such as scars, contour improvements dermabrasion, 50 physicochemical dermabrasion
proctology procedures such haemorrhoidalsklerosieration, mariskenexzision, fissurektomie, removal of anal condylomata acuminata
tampering with cryotherapy method
tampering with laser therapeutic procedures such as ablation, corrective, selective 50 photothermolytism
participation in higher intervention levels
sclerotherapy superficially situated veins
sonography of the skin and lymph nodes near the skin, including Doppler/Duplex sonography of peripheral vessels
dermoscopic methods
phlebological function tests such as occlusion plethysmography, light reflection rheography
photochemotherapy, photodynamic therapy and balneophototherapy
local, regional and tumescent anesthesia
puncture and catheterization
design of dermatological rehabilitation plans
mycological investigations and venerologische including cultural practices and pathogen determination
area-based diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases

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