Post Graduate Medicine/surgery in Germany


Candidates aspiring to fast-track their journey to the coveted PG Training placement in Germany can take advantage of this introductory offer.

The FAST-TRACK option is offered to complement the PGMP. This is designed to enhance the profile of our participants in the light of increased competition and ever-changing regulations. This unique, flexible and modular curriculum provides valuable learning material as in a classroom session and also opens the virtual doors for you into real German environments, whose mere existence is concealed from most foreign doctors till they actually arrive and reside in Germany.

  • Participants of the FAST-TRACK module will receive
  • Weekly learning material with didactic methods and customized homework tuned to your personal level of German language proficiency. 
  • The materials and explanations will not only cover Medical topics of the language and equivalency exam but also the latest developments in the Medical Training placement market. It will also cover the different regulatory aspects of the relevant German authorities connected to placement of foreign doctors.
  • E-lessons, Videos and short movies on the relevant topics.
  • A motivational personal tutor will provide constructive feedback on each homework assignment and adjust the following sessions to streamline your learning process.
  • Monthly Skype session(60 minutes) with your personal trainer for high-intensity practice and evaluation of past sessions.

Program participants will enjoy a considerable advantage over the regular foreign doctor who has only studied the language. While most foreign doctors spend the first few months of their stay in classrooms and also independent studies (to hone language skills), you will be ready to step into the society and practice your overall language with people, patient and potential employers. This effectively reduces your preparation time in Germany, resulting not only in considerable savings but also enhances the prospect of quicker placements.

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