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What’s “Defizitbescheid” all about?

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If you are already in an advanced stage of your preparations to come to Germany for PG Medicine and Pg Surgery Training, you probably know about the new rule as below:

In order to get a visa according to §17a for professional preparation, the visa applicant must submit, along with all other visa application documents, a “Defizitbescheid” from the German authority which manages the Evaluation of foreign qualifications, the exams and the issuance of the medical License (Approbation). The word “Defizitbescheid” literally means “notification of a deficit”. It refers to the deficit that Young doctors who graduated from Medical programs outside the EU have, compared to graduates from German medical study programs. The deficit is clear and obvious: How could an Indian doctor be lectured German Medical law during his/her studies? How should she/he have learned the particular German regulations About Radiation protection, etc.? However, in the past, it was possible to get the German medical License without exams, just after a document Evaluation.

 These times are Long over, but many Young doctors worldwide still dream of coming to Germany and getting a PG Position quickly -that is after passing B2 language level exam and a  Brief medical language course and without further equivalency exam. Many of these adventurers face a rough wake-up call after they spend considerable time in Germany and have spent a lot of money without a Pg Position on the horizon. They were informed to have a deficit at a too late Point of time, and often struggle a lot to fund a much Longer preparation time than expected. In order to protect other doctors from this experience, the new rule was installed by the German Ministry of Health, that every visa applicant must first face the facts = deficit = mandatory FSP & equivalency exam “black on white”  before entering the Country. At the same time, it alerts applicants to choose the Right visa category. While in the past, getting a language visa was easy, it nowadays is a dead-end road: When the language Course is finished, the visa is finished. But until FSP and equivalency exam plus finding a PG Job, it will take a lot more time.  Therefore, applicants with a Defizitbescheid can obtain a professional preparation visa to last until the preparation Course is completed and the PG Job contract signed. Our tutorial “Appro application and Defizitbescheid” guides FiBniche Med participants safely through this procedure.  Our participants obtain their Defizitbescheid before visa and all our participants start working only after Approbation.

Dr. K Peteriet,
Bonn, Germany.

Dr. Petereit is our Principal and Program director of PGMP, in Bonn. She has guided more than 100 young medical doctors to achieve their dream of PG training in Germany.

Memberships and Associations:

• Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Qualitat – German Association of Quality Management
• International Evaluator for DAAD- The German Academic Exchange Service.
• Fullbright Alumni Association.
• Rotary International.

Her firm belief and formula for success are: Winning the competition for a high-quality PG Medical training position in Germany – and successfully performed at the job – works like sports: Those who train hardest and smartest will perform best in the game.

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