Fachsprachprufung- Medical Terminology

The German Medical Terminology  exam is not about German medical language…ONLY!!!

Let’s talk about football: What’s your bet, who will become world Champion?

Option A: The Team whose players know the Football  rules best? 

Option B: The Team whose players know how to kick a ball back when it rolls in front of them?

Option C: The Team whose Players catch any ball no matter which direction it comes from and maneuver it into the goal?

The mandatory German medical language exam (FSP) is a fitness test. Moreover it’s an intercultural competence test.

In this sense, the name is misleading and incomplete. And it can lead foreign doctors into the trap of preparing  for the exam by studying the terminology “in the locker room” of their house or class. The purpose of FSP is to test, whether a foreign medical doctor is fit to play in a professional German Hospital team & environment et all,  by personality, fitness and behaviour.

Knowing the German medical terminology is only the most basic requirement such as  knowing how a ball looks like for an intended Football player.

Knowing the German protocol of how to Conduct an Anamnese with a German patient, document the findings and present the case to a Senior doctor is as Basic as  knowing the rules of the game of Football.

Being able to run like Ronaldo, oversee the field, pro-actively anticipate where the ball will head to, how to catch it and play it back and forth with the team mates in a seamingly professional matter until the goal is scored; this is the real skill needed to become nominated for a professional Football Team. – And also pass the FSP!!!

In our years of  experience in training and preparing numerous  doctors from India  and other parts of Asia to successfully apply of Pg Medicine and PG Surgery  Training in Germany, we have witnessed considerable evolution in the FSP exam setting. Language proficiency has become only the Basic requirement nowadays.  The real key to success is a self-confident, pro-active personality with the ability to react swiftly to unexpected situations and demands. In real hospital life, a patient is allowed to be nervous, a doctor is not. He/She must handle rush, pressure, stress, at times contradictory Information in a composed and concentrated manner. The FSP exam  simulates these realities. And that’s what candidates must get prepared for. Our FiBniche Med program has always considered it top priority  to integrate our participants into German Society. We make our doctors play on the field, not sit in the locker room. As a niche exclusive  Training Institute, we can focus on each individual and Coach him/her to become a pro. This is the secret of our 100% success record.
Win your Championship with us!

Dr K Peteriet,
Bonn, Germany.

Dr. Petereit is our Principal and Program director of PGMP, in Bonn. She has guided more than 100 young medical doctors to achieve their dream of PG training in Germany.

Memberships and Associations:

• Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Qualitat – German Association of Quality Management
• International Evaluator for DAAD- The German Academic Exchange Service.
• Fullbright Alumni Association.
• Rotary International.

Her firm belief and formula for success is : Winning the competition for a high-quality PG Medical training position in Germany – and successfully performing at the job – works like sports: Those who train hardest and smartest will perform best in the game.


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    hello,This is dr.vinod from india.I have completed MBBS (undergraduate in medicine).I am interestd in persuing post graduate medical studies in germany,and i am currently doing B2 GERMAN language course in India.Kindly can you provide me further informations and requirements and also i need to find a medical german course by this October or November kindly help me with that process.Thanking you.


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