Specialisation – Surgery – Thoracic

Knowledge, experience and skills in

the contents of the basic surgical training in the area

  • the prevention, diagnosis, surgical and conservative treatment and aftercare diseases including neoplasia, infections, injuries and malformations of the lung, the pleura, the tracheo-bronchial system, the mediastinum, chest wall, diaphragm and each of the adjacent structures including the rehabilitation
  • surgery on the heart associated with thoracic surgical operations
  • the indication for surgical and conservative treatment including risk assessment and prognostic evaluation
  • to supply the necessary emergency, vascular surgery, trauma surgery, visceral surgery and general surgery procedures in interdisciplinary collaboration
  • operative tumor surgery, including palliative care and pain therapy treatment
  • the collection of intraoperative radiological control, taking into account radiation protection
  • the planning and implementation of multimodal therapy concepts in cancer patients in
  • interdisciplinary cooperation and implementation of early detection and
  • follow-up measures for tumor recurrence and detection
  • minimally invasive surgery techniques


Examination and treatment procedures based training
diagnosis and evaluation findings in the diagnostic imaging
sonographic examinations of the chest organs (without heart)
diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopies, such as tracheo-bronchoscopy, thoracoscopy, esophagoscopy
diagnostic and therapeutic punctures and drainage deposits (pleural and lung biopsies, pericardiocentesis, chest tube)
surgical procedures including minimally invasive techniques, whereof: Port implantationshead and neck, such as tracheotomy, mediastinoscopy, lymph node resections
at the mediastinum and esophagus, whereof:
Mediastinal lymph node dissection, tumor resection,
Thymectomy, tracheoesophageal fistula, injury to the esophagus
to the chest wall, such as injuries, Brustwandresektion, thoracoplasty, plastic 10 correction  to the lungs, also with laser and thoracoscopic way, whereof:
wedge resections, enucleations, cyst removalsLobectomies, bilobectomies

Pneumonectomies, anatomical segmental

advanced operations on the lungs, whereof: Intrapericardial vascular supply, atriumresection

Pericardial resection of the diaphragm and also in conjunction with lung resectionsPlastic Surgery at the tracheobronchial tree in conjunction with lung resections

With anastomoses / sculptures on the vessels near the heart in conjunction with lung resections

Videothoracoscopic interventions e.g. pleurectomy, wedge resection, sympathectomy, cystenresection, biopsies of mediastinal

On the pleura, whereof: Pleurectomy, thoracoscopic Empyemektomie on routeOpen decortication in tumors, calluses and empyemas

Thoracic injuries




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