Specialisation – Surgery (Abdominal)

Knowledge, experience and skills in:

  • the contents of the basic surgical training in the area
  • the prevention, detection, treatment, rehabilitation and treatment of diseases, internal injuries, infections, abnormalities of the gastroenterological organs in particular, endocrine and oncologic surgery of the organs and soft tissues
  • operational and non-surgical primary and emergency care in visceral surgery of including coloproctologic diseases, injuries, deformities and infections
  • the indication for surgical and conservative treatment including risk assessment and prognostic evaluation
  • endoscopic, laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgical procedures
  • the collection of intraoperative radiological control, taking into account radiation protection
  • instrumental and functional methods of investigation


Examination and treatment procedures

Examination and treatment procedures based training  
sonographic examinations of the abdomen, the retroperitoneum and urogenital organs
implementation and reporting of recto-/Sigmoidoskopien
surgery, whereof:head / neck, e.g. Schilddrüsenresektionen, tracheostomiesOn the chest wall, including thoracotomy and chest tube

On the stomach wall and abdominal cavity including resections, closure of the

perforations in the small intestine extirpation, and interventional endoscopic

techniques e.g. Lymph node resections, removal of Weichteilgeschwülsten,

exploratory laparotomy, the stomach, small intestine and colon resection,

emergency treatment of liver and splenic, appendectomy, anus-praeter-conditioning, hemorrhoidectomy, periproktitische cleavage abscess, fistula and fissure-care, whereof:





small bowel resections

colon resections

proctology operations

operations on skin and soft tissue in inflammatory diseases and cancer

emergency surgery of the abdominal cavity, e.g. with ileus, bleeding,

peritonitis, mesenteric infarction including thrombectomy and embolectomy

of the visceral vessels

port implantations
first assistant at surgery increased difficulty levels



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