Specialisation – General Medicine

Knowledge, experience and skills in:

  • the general content of training for Sections B and C
  • the contents of the basic training in the field of Internal Medicine:
  • health counseling, early detection of health problems, including violence and drug prevention, prevention, introduction and implementation of rehabilitative measures and
  • of aftercare
  • the detection and treatment of noninfectious, infectious, toxic and neoplastic as well as of allergic, immunologic, metabolic, nutritionrelated and degenerative diseases also under consideration of the characteristics of these diseases in older ages
  • the basis of tumor therapy of palliative care services to be supplied incoming patients
  • the indications, proper sample collection and treatment of laboratory tests
  • and classification of the results in the disease pattern
  • geriatric syndromes and disease consequences, including the age of pharmacotherapy in older ages
  • psychogenic symptoms, reactions, and somatopsychosocial contexts including crisis intervention, and the broad guidance and counseling of addicts
  • prevention and early detection measures
  • Nutritionrelated health disorders, including treatment and dietary advice
  • and training
  • implementation and documentation of diabetes care
  • the foundations of hereditary diseases, including the indications for
  • genetic counseling
  • the diagnosis and monitoring of physical therapy measures
  • the basics of drug therapy
  • the detection and treatment of acute emergencies, including lifesaving measures
  • maintenance of vital signs and resuscitation
  • evaluating the performance and resilience, the ability to work, vocational and earning capacity and the need for care
  • the intensive care and basic treatment
  • Furthermore:
  • the primary diagnosis, counseling and treatment despite any health problems
  • unselected patient population and disease in the integration of medical, psychological and social concerns in the event of illness
  • the longterm medical care and family
  • detection and coordinated treatment of behavioral disorders in childhood and adolescence
  • interdisciplinary coordination, including the inclusion of additional medical, nursing and social support in treatment and care approaches, particularly in multimorbid patients
  • treating patients in their family environment and home environment in nursing homes and in their wider social environment, including the home visit activities
  • Healthpromoting measures, eg in the context of communitybased projects
  • prevention and early detection
  • the detection of drug addiction and introduction of specific measures
  • the detection, assessment and treatment of the effects of environmental and environmentrelated
  • damages, including workplace influences
  • the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system with special consideration of functional disorders
  • the first aid of the wound care techniques and the wound treatment, the incision, extraction, excision biopsy, and also using the local and peripheral nerve block



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  • Dr amina

    Plz update me as what’s the procedure

  • Subrata Kar

    I am a expat doctor wirking in Oman in the feild of general medicine. Could you please tell me details how can I get protgraduate training or job in Germany?

  • Anwar

    Is there an age limit to apply? I would like to do post graduation in internal medicine. And what’s the procedure to be followed? Thank u

  • Pl tell me the procedure for apply. I am working as GP SINCE 22 years

  • Nasirullah

    Hello. What is the procedure for pakistani doctors for pursuing postgraduate training in germany… What are the pre-requites..

    • Ashok

      Hello Nasirullah

      There is no country specific procedure. Procedure for all NON-EU qualified doctors is same.


  • Dr Hitesh Kumar

    As I want to pursue general medicine post graduation from Germany. I want to know about criteria , university , course duration , cost , facility there , is the post graduation degree valid in India ?

    • Ashok

      Hello Hitesh

      I have mailed you the Qualifying questionnaire. You may respond to it.



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