Short-Term Specialist Technical Courses

We offer the below given short-term courses in association with a state-of-the-art Medical Simulation center.

  1. Endoscopic Surgery Training in Karl Storz Technology
  2. Laparoscopic Visceral Surgery
  3. 3D and 4D Endosonography
  4. Gastrointestinal Suturing and Anastomosis
  5. Gynecological Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy

These are 5 day courses and a minimum number of 10 participants are required. The training is conducted by simulation on dummies and observation.

We can also offer courses as per your needs.


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  • dear, we would like to ask if you could arrange short training in cardiology equipment or radiology, for iraqi doctors , in Germany, could you send me the details please

  • Prashant

    do you have any gastrointestinal endoscopy courses?such as OGD and colonoscopy.. and if yes are they in english?
    thank you

    • Ashok

      Hello Prashant

      Such courses will be conducted on Medical Simulators combined with a short observership in a relevant hospital facility.


  • Harivadan

    I am interested in advanced training in cardiac surgery. Can i have more information about it?

    • Ashok


      If you are already an experienced Cardiac surgeon, training on special procedures can be organised on Medical Simulators + relevant Observership. Practise on actual patients is not allowed without obtaining Registration in the Medical Association.

      Alternatively, you can try for the full SPECIALIST program in Cardiac Surgery(6 years)

      Hope this helps


  • Munish

    M done bds dis last nw I am searching to study in abroad. Plzzz inform me is dere anything for bds students

    • Ashok

      Hello Munish

      There is no shortage of Dentists in Germany and process of Registration for foreign dentists has lots of uncertainties. You will do well to try in some other country.


  • Ahmad javed

    Gastrointestinal suturing and anastomosis

    • Ashok

      Short training program can be organised as a combination of Medical Simulators+Observership.


  • sudhakar

    Hello Mimoza

    For some reason, your post was not activated; hence the delay. Please email your objective to ashokniche@gmail.com

  • Mimoza

    I am interested to participate in Endoscopic Surgery Training in Urology.
    Can I have more information about it?


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