My Approbation Examination!


The exam is divided into 2 parts. In the first half, I was given a case to take complete history and patient examination. This demands an advanced level of communication skills (general and medical) and cultural sensitivity for effective interaction with the patient. Later, I was also asked to demonstrate abdomen and lung examination. After this, I was requested to document the case and submit.

The second half is the oral examination (Viva), which is probably the most important and tricky stage of the exam. I was asked a lot of questions by three different examiners in Various Subjects (the subjects depend on the professors who come. Normally you are informed of the Commission of Professors some time in advance). The questions were mostly from Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pharmacology and Radiology. Along with that I also prepared on various topics from Strahlenschutz (Protection in Radiology) and Rechtsmedizin (legal matters a doctor has to deal with here in Germany). The questions were mostly presented as clinical scenarios and some direct questions were also asked.  It all depends on the Commission. for eg: A patient comes with chest pain? What are the Diff Diagnoses, How do you proceed forward? What investigations will you carry out? What are the steps of management? etc..

This is a gist of my experience for the exams. There are but a lot of Regional Variations in the Exams. The Pattern is almost the same but there can be differences from State to State.

The material and guidance provided helped me a lot for the preparation and passing the examination and am I now in the Job Placement Training phase. Will keep you posted.

If you need anything more let me know Ashok and I’ll get back to you as soon as I have the time.

Dr V K Thomas.

Dr Thomas is currently a participant in our PGMP in Bonn and is a resident of Kerala, India.

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  • gaurav kawalia

    hello ,Dr Thomas Sir , this is Dr Gaurav Kawalia,28yr old i finished my MBBS from Almaty, Kazakhstan in July 2011, done internship from delhi ans junior residentship as well for one year, now i’m working as medical officer under Rajasthan Government.now my concern is about working in germany as a doctor and/or pursue post-graduation. my brother and my sister in laws living in bonn as well so i’m also thinking to move into,
    what would you suggest me.
    how will i get entry in medical sector of germany ?
    do i need to take approbation exam first and what exactly this exam about to
    how can a get admission in post-graduation course ?
    please help me out
    will wait for your guidance

    • Ashok

      Hello Gaurav

      Going by the book, a foreign doctor can start training with temporary license and has 18 months to obtain approbation, but see below:

      1. Increased competition has resulted in most serious offers by hospitals assuming Approbation even to grant an interview.
      2. There are cases of doctors who started training without approbation and then lost the positions as they could not obtain approbation within the prescribed time limit as they were too busy with their jobs.
      3. Training period before approbation is not counted towards “Specialist Training”

      100% of our candidates enter the application phase only after Approbation; this is the proper and safest way to attract good training positions. This is one of the reasons why we enjoy 100% success record.

      Hope this helps. To enroll in our PGMP, please respond to the qualifying questionnaire mailed to you. Please check your SPAM folder just in case.



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