Our Alumni- PG Med/Surgery in Germany


Dr. Soumya C                 – Oncology

Dr. L Joseph                   – Orthopedics

Dr. K Prabhu                  – Gastroenterology

Dr. Souranya J               – Neurology

Dr. Vineeth K                 –  Internal Medicine

Dr. Shaikh A                   – Internal Medicine

Dr. S Shaju                      – Internal Medicine

Dr. Azal L                        -Orthopedics & Trauma Surgery

Dr. Wael L                       – Rehabilitation Medicine

Dr. Abdulrehman N      – Internal Medicine

Dr. Ihsan                         – Rehabilitation Medicine

Dr. Sarmad A                  -Internal Medicine

Dr. Zulfa A                      – Obs.& Gynecology

Dr. Hayder J                   – Neurology

Dr. Abdullah S               – Opthalmology

Dr. Mohammad A         – Internal Medicine

Dr. Manoj K                   – Interventional Radiology

Dr Shijo J                       – Plastic Surgery

Dr Aashvin R                       – Gastric Surgery

Dr. K Verma                   – Internal Medicine

Dr Sumi B : Internal Medicine

Dr Amith S                      – Radiology


Dr Narendradev             –  PGMP@Fast Track@Germany

Dr Gishnu                        – Masters- Reseacrh

Dr Godwin Roy               – Obtained Approbation@FastTrack@Germany

Dr Gayathri S                  -Obtained Approbation@FastTrack@Germany

Dr Sravan K                     – PGMP@FastTrack@Germany

Dr Vaseem K                   – PGMP@FastTrack@Germany

Dr Deepthi K                  – PGMP@FastTrack@Germany

Dr Ashwini R                   – PGMP@FastTrack@Germany

Dr. Gowri Kiran             – PGMP@Fast Track@Germany

Dr.Nazia N.             – PGMP@Fast Track@Germany

Dr Thulasidhar Reddy PGMP@FastTrack@Germany

Dr Sherry R T – PGMP@FastTrack@Germany

Dr Afia M – PGMP@FastTrack@Germany

Dr Najla N – PGM@FastTrack@Germany

Dr Mandar K – PGMP@FastTrack@Germany

Dr Chinmay K – PGMP@FastTrack@Germany

Dr Heeyoung K – PGMP@FastTrack@Germany

Dr Chirag B       – PGMP@FastTrack@Germany

Dr Zia F              -PGMP@FastTrack@Germany

Dr Robin T        -PGMP@FastTrack@Germany


Dr Vineet  G                    – PGMP@FastTrack@India

Dr A.  Kidwai                   – PGMP@FastTrack@India

Dr Kaushik E                   – PGMP@FastTrack@India

Dr Vasavi C N                  – PGMP@FastTrack@India

Dr Fazin A                         -PGMP@FastTrack@India

Dr Girish K D                    -PGMP@FastTrack@India

Dr Ronald J                       -PGMP@FastTrack@India

Dr Julious Jose                       -PGMP@FastTrack@India

Dr Nithin Koshy                       -PGMP@FastTrack@India

Dr Ujash Naik                       -PGMP@FastTrack@India

Dr Sharlotte G V – PGMP@FastTrack@India

Dr Sumantha N – PGMP@FastTrack@India

Dr Kiran K – PGMP@FastTrack@India

Dr Neha H – PGMP@FastTrack@India

Dr Sunaina J – PGMP@FastTrack@India

Dr P Kawaskar- PGMP@FastTrack@India

Dr Rohith P     – PGMP@FastTrack@India

Dr Deepak R   – PGMP@FastTrack@India

Dr Jevin G      – PGMP@FastTrack@India

Dr Kathleen C – PGMP@FastTrack@Manila- Philippines

Our Salient features:

  1. We enjoy a consistent 100% PG Placement record till date. 
  2. We enjoy a 100% Visa approval rate till date.
  3. Our Preparatory program  is designed to take you from C1 to PG position + Work-permit in one stretch. No need to multiple trips to India(home-country) for Visa renewals. 
  4. We offer the most economical and value for money program. We have small batches resulting in close attention.
  5. ALL our students clear the Approbation examination before they are start PG Training.
  6. Our students have obtained positions in highly coveted branches like Plastic Surgery, Radiology etc.
  7. Our average placement time is 11 months- This is the shortest in the industry. 


IF you have a UG Medical degree and have the will and ability to work hard, we will guide and handhold till your name shows up on this list.


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  • Olasumbo

    Hello, I want to ask if you only work with Indians? And also can you put me through the process. Tanks


    Hello, my wife is holding an MBBS degree from China and would like to do specialization. Can you advise me the best option.


  • Suresh kumar

    Hi, I am an orthopaedic surgeon from India. My qualification s MBBS, DNB(Ortho) with 4 years of experience. I want to do my fellowship in sports medicine @ Germany.what should I do??

  • muhammad ibrahim

    I have a dental degree and I want to specialize in oral and maxillofacial surgery, what are my chances of getting a placement in Germany?

    • Ashok

      Hello Ibrahim

      Unfortunately, its very tough for a foreign dentist to get placement in Germany. Moreover, MAXFAC training(In EU) requires the candidate to have both Medical and Dental degrees.


  • Hello ALL, My heartiest congratulations to Dr Souranya and Dr Linoy for clearing the Approbation examinations in the first attempt and obtaining PG Placements of their choice!

  • Ashok

    Hello ALL, My heartiest congratulations to Dr S Cyril for obtaining the first PG Placement offer, in Oncology,Germany. Dr S Cyril hails from Kerala, India and is a student of our PGMP Sept. 2014 batch. Hard work pays:)


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