Germany- Home to World’s best Healthcare Industry

Germany enjoys an outstanding reputation in providing exemplary medical treatment to patients from around the world. Many heads of state routinely approach distinguished German Medical specialists for the treatment of their ailments. These patients entrust themselves to doctors in Germany in the full knowledge that they are in the capable hands of one of the world’s most innovative, advanced and the best healthcare system.

Seamless cooperation between scientific community, research, industry and hospitals at the regional and national level has contributed to the ever raising standards of medical care. Outstanding preventive care and rehabilitation acts as a booster in complementing the healthcare system resulting in thousands of patients travelling to Germany every year for both inpatient and outpatient care.

There are more than 2000 state of the art hospitals in Germany, including more than 30 University hospitals, over 1.000 public-sector and not-for-profit hospitals and more than 600 hospitals in the private sector. Specialists with outstanding qualifications, highly training nursing staff, state of the art diagnostics facilities and a world class medical infrastructure together ensure high quality medical care.

All this means one thing- You, the doctor under training will get exposed to the very best practices in the field of health and medical care, making you a highly sought after Specialist


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  • Dr. Aatif Butt

    I need to ask how we can apply for PG? After completing German language with B2 level, I have done my MBBS from china and finished internship already. Where do we have to apply for it?

    • sudhakar

      Hello Aatif

      Do you have registration of the medical council in your home country? If not, you have to obtain it to become eligible for PG training in Germany.



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