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Note : The above list is indicative. Some available programs may not be listed. All possible Specializations are available in Germany.


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  • Hy ,, I complete my MBBS in Ukraine and I want to do pg in Germany . what is process for that .. And after pg in Germany any chance for permanent residents there ???

    • Ashok

      Hello Dr J

      I have mailed you the Qualifying Questionnaire for PG in Germany; Please respond to it to go forward. Please check your SPAM folder, just in case.

      Thank you
      Kind Regards
      Ashok- 98202 42932

  • Faheem

    Hello dear I’m interested in working in field of Pulmonology but here seems no
    Pg ship in this field?????

    Can u call it’s available or not

    What about duration of course and all other details

  • Abhilash

    Hello. I have completed MD General Medicine in India. I wish to work in Germany. Also if possible pursue super specialty there. What should I do. Please guide me

    • Ashok

      Hello Abhilash

      You may work/pursue SPECIALIST(sup.special in Indian context) training in Germany after acquiring required German language skills+Permanent registration. The process of entry into the SPECIALIST training for you is same as that for a candidate with MBBS; However, your higher qualification can be given due credit after assessment by the Managing SPECIALIST. Please check your email and respond to the Qualifying Questionnaire for PG Med/Surgery training program in Germany. Please check your SPAM FOLDER also just in case.


  • Jijo Jose

    i am graduated in both homeopathic & allopathic medicine and i would like to do specialisation in germany…. Apart from B2 level german language proficiency what are the pre requesites for PGMP? , how many steps in screening? Any screening centers in india? Any post pg couse in ophthalmology.. Like cornea surgery and retro vitreal surgery…?

    • Ashok

      Hello Jijo Jose

      The absolute minimum list is ;

      1. Medical degree + license to practice (Registration)

      2. B2 level in German(in practice, it’s C1)

      3. Obtain Permanent license in Germany- Approbation

      Apart from the above, I have noticed certain traits in successful candidates ; they are,

      1. Having an open mind and the ability to assimilate rapidly into a foreign culture.

      2. Self motivated and confident. Ability to set goals and work towards them with minimum supervision and direction.

      3. Good vocabulary/communication skills. I have noticed that a good vocabulary in English/other language translates to such skills in German language as well.

      4. Self-reliant and independent.

      Well, all this could be asking for for lot, but, this is the general direction and our PGMP is designed to mold participants to these attributes.

      I have mailed you the qualifying questionnaire. Please check and respond. Do check the SPAM FOLDER just in case.


  • ! Am An Associate Professor in cardiothoracic Surgery, Can I get advanced training in Thoracic Surgery esp ,VATS

    • Ashok

      Hello Dr Shafeek

      Training on Medical Simulator can be organised. Hospital training with hands-on experience needs one to have Approbation (registration) in Medical council.



    Hello, Mr.Ashok, I completed M.D ,General medicine in AYURVEDA, Indian system of medicine, having indian registration, am I eligible for doing Internal medicine or general medicine or any other specialisation in Germany.
    Dr Rudreswar

    • Ashok

      Hello Rudra

      Speciality training in Germany is open to graduates of modern medicine only.


  • is mci screening exam necessary to do pg in germany?

    • Ashok

      Hello Asif

      To be eligible for PG Training in Germany, Registration(License to practice) either from home country OR from the country of graduation is required.

      Hope this is clear.


  • Dr.Janarthanan

    Hello,Mr.Ashok.I couldnt find cardiology specialisation in the above mentioned list of specialisations.kindly confirm it please.

    • Ashok

      Hello Dr Janrthanan

      Cardiology is available. The list given on the site is indicative. The original documents being in German, its taking a while to translate and upload. Cardiology is a 72 months program.

      Hope this helps.


  • dropchaudhary

    How can I get admission in Ms general surgery

    • Ashok

      Hello Dr Chaudhary

      For admissions, the steps are as below:

      1. Initial screening.
      2. Learning till B2 level German language in home country.
      3. 12 month PGMP(Post graduate mentoring program) in Germany.
      4. Pg Placement.

      As you are on my mailing list, you will also get a separate email.


  • Shahid


  • farah

    Wt is the duration of e.n.t specilaisation course ?? Nd is it called M.S. or not ?? Nd wts the fees ?? Nd wt abt language ?? for those who do knw german ??

    • Ashok

      Hello Farah

      E.N.T is a 60 months program. All specialist training programs in Germany are called “Fachartze”. It means SPECIALIST. It is much higher than the MD/MS in India. There is no tuition fees. Please check the FAQ section on this site to know the basics.



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