News! Dr V.Kurien-Approbation!

Another piece of good news ;Dr V Kurien, participant of our previous PGMP batch cleared the examination and obtained “Approbation” yesterday. 

Now,a day of intensive “Job Placement Training” is organised to initiate Dr Krishna P, Dr Soumya and Dr V Kurien’s entry into the PG Training arena.

This workshop which will be followed by numerous other training activities leading to placements, is planned as belows:

1000hrs-1130hrs : Systematic search & Analysis of open training positions.

1145hrs -1300hrs : Preparation and organisation of relevant documentation including Resumes, customized cover letters etc.

1300hrs-1500hrs : Lunch break followed by individual coaching sessions

1500hrs -1700hrs :Job interview training

1700hrs-1800hrs : Relaxation phase : Rehabilitation gymnastics with a rehab Physiotherapist

We congratulate them on their achievement and wish all success in their placement assignments.


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