Post Graduate Medical Training in Germany

The German medical training system is highly acclaimed for its quality and rigor. It is synonymous with exceptionally high quality, knowledge and experience; German trained Medical doctors (Specialists) are highly sought after around the world.


PG Medical Training
  • There is ZERO Tuition fee
  • The duration of Training is 5-6 years. Generally, all Medical branches run for 5 years and Surgical branches run for 6 years.
  • It is a clinical on-the-job training at a hospital approved to conduct such training – not university studies.
  • The Post-Graduate Medical students in Germany and provided a generous Monthly stipend
  • Successful students are awarded the title of “Facharzt” at end of Training.
How to secure admissions for PG Training in Germany
  • PG Medical Training training takes place as a full-time, on-the-job training in a public teaching or private hospital. The training is supervised by certified senior specialists with special training permissions.
  • Every young doctor, German or foreign nationality, has to apply personally and individually at many hospitals   where such training jobs are currently announced.
  • There is no government placement agency or any centralized support system. All applicants have to search for open job announcements at all hospitals all over Germany.
  • PG Training involves treating patients in critical medical situations. Therefore good German skills, minimum B2, are required by law before being allowed to begin the training job.
Advantages of PG Medical Training in Germany
  • Germany has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. A tightly woven net-work of hospitals and medical practices ensures that patients rapidly receive the treatment they require. The use of the very latest therapies and medical equipment helps guarantee an exceptionally high level of care. At the same time, doctors are held in great esteem by the German population. In surveys, the medical profession is consistently one of the most highly regarded in Germany. Training in this environment imparts a the best attitude and skills resulting in a world class professional.
  • There is NO tuition fee and instead the students are paid a handsome monthly stipend.
  • Germany has a shortage of Medical doctors so you have the opportunity to work and settle in Germany after training. Offcourse, the highly developed and multicultural Germany offers an excellent standard of life.
  • German qualifications enjoy excellent reputation for quality world-wide.


Note : The above list is indicative. Some available programs may not be listed. All possible Specializations are available in Germany.



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  • Suhail Mohammad

    Hello sir, I wanna to know how to take a admission for pg in general surgery.

  • Dr waseem

    Hi i would like to know what is the eligiblity criteria and how much tution fees

    • sudhakar

      Hi Waseem

      The basic eligibility for a foreign doctor to train in Germany is to have a recognised Medical degree + registration in the relevant medical council + German language skills(C1 level). There is no tuiton fees for PG Training in Medicine/Surgery in Germany, instead the trainees are paid a salary of Euro 4020/PM (minimum).


  • Rikin Shah

    How can I get admissin in germeny……plz tell….where to apply

    • Ashok

      Hello Rikin

      Please call me on 98202 42932(Mumbai number) for details. Also read and understand the concept from this site.


  • Can Ayurveda and Unani Graduates Apply there?

    • Ashok

      Hello Dr Hamid

      Unfortunately, at this moment, this option is only available for Modern Medicine graduates.


  • thank you! 🙂

  • zain khan

    Dear sir,
    U have mentioned in comment that u should register in relevant council.what does this me?

    • Ashok

      Hello Zain

      It means you need to have registration either from the Medical council of your home country OR from the country of graduation.

      Hope this helps.


  • anthony

    Sir,please how can a graduate from Nigeria apply for post graduate medical training in Germany.

    • Ashok

      Hello Anthony

      This question has been addressed on this page itself. Please scroll and check.


  • kamil

    Does the teaching take place in English or German? If nly in German then are there any universities where teaching is in English medium?

    • Ashok

      Hello Kamil

      The PG Med./Surgical training in Germany is in the form of residencies in training hospitals wherein the participant is employed in the position of “Assistant Doctor”. This being the case, you are expected to interact with patients in the regular course of your job. So, excellent German language skills are required.


  • Any entry test we have to pass before qualifying for pg training

    • Ashok

      Hello Arwa

      An open ended question; but, let me list the exams one has to clear during the placement procedure:

      1. German language level C1- Including Medical German Terminology
      2. Temporary licensing exam- Oral exam
      3. Equivalence Exam.(Approbation)- Oral exam

      Hope this helps


  • zain khan

    I m registered with my council.tell me about further requirements and other test which I have to clear?

  • Ashok

    Hello Zain

    1.The first step is the initial screening. It takes 3-4 working days and done over email. It has a fee of INR 25,000. Screening fee is refunded if one does not clear the screening. You may start language training if screening is positive.

    2. After reaching B1 level in German language, you need to sign a legal undertaking(this document basically defines our mutual expectations) and pay the first installment of Euro 4000.

    3. After #2, our German counter-part touches base with you and begin your online preparation till you arrive in Germany.

    4. After you obtain B2 level, balance of Euro 8000 is paid. You may also need to open a blocked account in a German bank and deposit Euro 8040-This is your living expense for 12 months.

    5. After #4, Visa and travel to Germany to enter our PGMP (Post-Graduate Mentoring program)

    PGMP involves the below:

    1. Advanced German language B2- C1 – 3 months
    2. Medical German Terminology – 1 month
    3. Internship in a hospital – 1 month
    4. Approbation training – 3 months
    5. Job application training phase – 4 months

    During the PGMP, you will be appearing for Temporary and Permanent licensing(Approbation) exams. Candidates tend to get placed during the last stage of PGMP. Once you obtain a training contract, you join the hospital after work-permit is granted.

    As a PG Medical Specialist trainee, you are entitled to a minimum salary of Euro 4024/PM. This is for a 40hours work week. More hours attract extra wages.

    Hope this helps. Please respond ASAP.

    Thank you
    Kind Regards

    NB: Service tax of 10.3%(current rate) is applicable on all payments made in India.

  • zain khan

    I want to ask about the oral exam.what is its pattern?

  • bibek

    where to contact for the procedure? i am from nepal

    • Ashok

      Hello Bibek

      You have to contact me. I will assist you in achieving your dream.

      Best of Luck


  • sajal

    hello, i am from nepal, graduate from Russia. do we have to do language course in Germany, or we can complete from homeland and apply?

    • Ashok

      Hello Dr Sajal

      For starters, you will need registration in the Nepali Medical Council. It is advised to do language course till B2 in Nepal to save money.


  • Danish

    hello sir… iam from pakistan … iam registerd with pakistan medical and dental council.. for doing PG training in germany i have to clear postraguate part 1 exam from pakistan or germany???

  • Hellow,
    Can MRCS passed doctors get jobs in Germany?

    • Ashok

      Hello Jami

      Please email(ashokniche@gmail.com) the below for an assessment:

      1. Detailed CV
      2. Copy of Passport
      3. Copies of all Degrees/Diploma’s ect

      However, please note, German language skills are mandatory.


  • tajin hasnat riad

    I am 5th yr mbbs student in dhaka medical college in bangladesh.what do i need to doand what r the things i have to be prepared for post graduate training in germany?what about accommodation?is knowing a good german the only criteria?or there r other things i need to check for? Please let me know

    • Ashok

      Hello Riad

      The basic eligibility requirements and qualities required for successful PG Training position in Germany follows:
      1. Recognized Medical Degree + Registration in relevant Medical council.
      2. Good Professional Knowledge.
      3. German language skills- C1 – This is an advanced level
      4. Ability to assimilate into foreign cultures
      5. Self-motivation- Handy in searching for vacancies
      6. Adequate funding

      Please note that having good German language skills is a absolute necessity but it is not a ticket to PG Placement. It is the basic hygiene factor. German hospitals pick up the best. In short, merit counts and there is where our PGMP(post-graduate mentoring program) becomes relevant. It prepares an eligible doctor to acquire necessary skills and knowledge to successfully apply for PG Training positions in Germany. Best of luck.

  • adnan

    I study in belarus but i am not belarussian .can i get registration in the belarus Medical Council ? Because its to hard for me o get registration in the iranian Medical Council.
    thank you

    • Ashok

      Hello Adnan

      This question is beyond the scope of this blog; However, as far as I know, you will not get Belarussian Registration after your MD, but you can get after you do the internship(2 years); However, you will need to contact the University authorities to confirm.


      • adnan

        thank you .
        and cant i apply for germany without internship? or can i do my internship in germany?

  • Shirin

    hi ashok, I m a medical graduate from Pakistan.what is the procedure for Pakistani doctors to apply for training in Germany?what are the pre requisites?

    • Ashok

      Hello Shirin

      The basic eligibility is having an accredited Medical Degree and license to practice. For Pakistani citizens, its is PMDC registration. Apart from this you need advanced German language skills on which other requirements can be built.


  • sidra

    i am doing b1 level
    i am planing for germany but i dont know about the procedure and documents translation and visa procedure
    i am from pakistan and am dobe with my medical qulaification now want to do specialisation in gyni and obs from germany

  • Dr hussain Ahmad

    hi.i am dr hussain from pakistan.i am postgraduate trainee FCPS-11 psychiatry last(4rth) yr. i have general registration with Irish medical council IRELand DUBLIN.i want PG training in Psychiatry in Germany.i will also send u my C.V through gmail. plz guide me

    • Ashok

      Hello Dr Hussian

      I had mailed you the qualifying questionnaire few days back.


  • sandeep kumar

    bro i have done mbbs from Pakistan and want PG shp from jermany kindly email me your contact number..

  • Dr Rohit kumar

    I m MBBS doctor in india ,having 8 years experience in govt sector. My brother and sister are in Germany. Kindly send me details at doctor38238@yahoo.com.

    • Ashok

      Hello Rohit

      Please check your email and respond to the Qualifying Questionnaire for PG Med/Surgery training program in Germany. Please check your SPAM FOLDER just in case.


  • Sharaj

    Job opportunity for Indian orthopedic surgeon ?

    • Ashok

      Hello Sharaj

      Your nationality and country of graduation(Medical degree) is a crucial factor here. If you have a EU Medical qualification, then you need to acquire the language skills to the required level and apply for Approbation before you search for a job.

      If you qualified outside the EU, then you will need to clear exams for both temporary licence and Approbation apart from having relevant language skills to be eligible to work. Work here means “Training to be a Specialist”. You may get some credits for your previous learning. After acquiring Specialist title you may work as a Specialist.

      Hope this helps.


  • Hi ashok. Tell me plz what are the chances of getting training after 4 steps of 1 year??
    I’m Dr usma from Pakistan. I’ve done mbbs in 2014 n registered with pmdc.

    • Ashok

      Hello Usma

      Though I do not understand the exact nature of the query, I assume that you are referring to the chances of obtaining a training position in Germany after fulfilling the necessary steps. The chances are pretty decent for anyone who has taken and cleared all steps as prescribed in our PGMP. However, the time period does vary depending on many factors beyond one’s control. Please check your email and respond to the Qualifying Questionnaire for PG Med/Surgery training program in Germany. Please check your SPAM FOLDER just in case.


  • Shenoy

    Hi, what will be the total expenditure until one gets a job in germany. I.e language exam, internship, approbation period, and visa?

    • Ashok


      Going my the current exchange rate, budget approximately Rs 15-16lacs. This also includes one year blocked account of Euro 8040.


  • Hello dr ashok your help here in this forum is highly appreciated. Can you please tell whether the speciality training in germany is affiliated with german medical council or not? like for e.g, if someone completes speciality training in germany, so that doctor will be recognized by the council or not? Kindly tell about brief about german visa also, which visa do we get? What are benefits etc?

    • Ashok

      Hello Azad

      1. Specialist training is regulated and monitored by the provincial medical associations(state medical association).

      2. A doctor needs to have Permanent Registration in the medical association before they are granted the Specialist title. However, our candidates are prepared and guided in a manner by which they obtain Permanent registration even before applying for training positions

      3. Our candidates enter Germany on a special visa(type of D-National) which can be converted into a work-permit without exiting Germany. Once the candidate obtains a training position, a work-permit is needed to begin training.

      Hope this helps


  • bhargav

    Hi I am a citizen of india completed my MBBS from Zhengzhou University, China,I have registered in MCI before getting into the course.Am I eligible for this course or do I need to clear FMGE screening test.please

  • sushma

    my name is sushma and i have completed pharmd in india and im intrested in md(internal medicine) could you please suggest that am i eligible for getting medical pg in germany or do i have any other option.please reply
    thank you.

    • Ashok

      Hello Sushma

      Training in areas of Internal Medicine is only open to Medical Graduates. You may look for higher studies in your field. Please check http://www.daaddelhi.org/en/15067/index.html to see your options in Germany.

      Hope this helps.


    • Aziza

      I m Aziza from Bangladesh. i hv completed MRCP Part 1 n trying to clear part2.Could u
      please guide me whether eligible for this training or not and can my spouce n two children will get the visa as well. one more thing where i need to learn the language , in Germany OR not.



      • Ashok

        Hello Aziza

        Children can get visa but it is better to take them along after you obtain the PG Training position and NOT during the preparatory stage.

        German language till B2 should be ideally learnt in your home country.

        Please check your email and respond to the Qualifying Questionnaire for PG Med/Surgery training program in Germany. Please check your SPAM FOLDER, just in case. Thank you, Kind Regards, Ashok,

  • Apekshya

    hello I am from Nepal,please tell me how can I apply?

    • Ashok

      Please check your email and respond to the Qualifying Questionnaire for PG Med/Surgery training program in Germany. Please check your SPAM FOLDER, just in case. Thank you, Kind Regards, Ashok,

  • Sophany

    Hello, I am from Cambodia and I am studying in Vietnam for Master of internal medicine. I have a few questions about this scholarship. Can you help me please?first, If I want to apply this scholarship, do i have to learn German in my country and get B2 level before applying?
    Second, I’ll graduate my master degree in November, so do I need to train in German for 5 years more?
    Third, when is the deadline of the scholarship?

    • Ashok

      Hello Doctor

      Specialist(Post Graduate Training) Training in Germany is in the form of a Residency wherein the trainee is employed by the Training hospital in the post of “Assistant Doctor” in the relevant department. So, the trainee receives a full salary NOT a scholarship.

      You may get some credits for Masters degree depending on the assessment of your Supervising Specialist. However, you will know this only after obtaining a training position.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards

  • Paulene

    Hello i am from thailand will be graduating MBBS next year i would like to know the details requirements to apply training in Germany pls.

  • Suheyl

    Good day mister Ashok…
    I am from Turkey and will be graduating soon… After getting registration from my medical council I would like to go to germany where my family is…
    But I have a weak german language skill… my question is… Once I reach there what is the minimum time I would start recieving salary as a student/trainee.. Or is there a way I can raise money while I am in this Mentoring program

  • Gnudan

    Hi Ashok
    Im gnu, a doctor from VietNam
    Can you tell me how to apply this trainee, plz


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