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Specialisation – Surgery – General

Neuro SurgeryKnowledge, experience and skills in:

  • basic surgical training in the area
  • operational and non-surgical primary and emergency care in vascular, thoracic, accident and visceral surgery, including koloproktologischen diseases, injuries,
  • Malformations and infections
  • the indication for surgical and conservative treatment including
  • Risk assessment and prognostic evaluation
  • endoscopic, laparoscopic (minimally invasive) surgical procedures
  • instrumental and functional methods of investigation
  • the collection of intraoperative radiological control, taking into account the findings
  • of radiation protection


Examination and treatment procedures 

Examination and treatment procedures based training      
Ultrasound examinations of the abdomen, retroperitoneum, the urogenital organs
Supply of large wounds
bandage, for example compression – support, rail and fixing associations
repositioning of fractures and dislocations
surgery:head / neck, eg thyroid resection, tracheostomyOn the chest wall, including thoracotomy and chest tube

On the stomach wall and abdominal cavity including resections, Übernähungen, extirpations and excisions using conventional, endoscopic and interventional techniques, such as lymph node resections, port implantation, removal of neoplasms, exploratory laparotomy, the stomach, small intestine and colon resection of liver and emergency Splenic, appendectomy, anus praeter-conditioning, hemorrhoidectomy, periproktitische abscess incision,fistula and fissure-treatment, whereof:



On the musculoskeletal system, such as osteosynthesis, implant removal,
exostosectomy, amputations

at the vascular and nervous system, such as varicose vein surgery,
thrombectomy, embolectomy

participation in higher interference levels




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