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Germany has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. German Medical education and healthcare system has a global reputation of maintaining excellence.


A wide network of hospitals and clinics  ensure that patients  receive on-time treatment everywhere in the country. The Hospitals employ the very latest therapies and medical equipment resulting in an exceptionally high level of patient care. Medical doctors enjoy a very high social status in Germany.

In Germany, doctors work

  • in hospitals, generally as an employee
  • in their own medical practice
  • in large group practices, as an employee

In Germany, the average starting salary of Medical doctors training to be Specialists is higher than other professions.

Hospitals in Germany have been facing a severe  shortage of doctors for quite a number of years now. Several thousand vacanices are lying vacant across Germany. This demand is expected to rise in time, the number of people entering the Medical profession is lesser than the number of doctors retiring from service.

In the area of private practice, there are large number of vacancies for General Practionaires, especially  in the eastern part of Germany and rural areas. Vacancies are expected to increase in all regions of Germany and as many of the   shortages will soon spread to other regions of Germany and other areas of specialization, since here, too, many doctors are due to retire in coming years.

Effective  April 2012, if you have completed your medical training in a foreign country, you are eligible to receive a medical license in Germany, regardless of whether you are from an EU or a non-EU (third) country – provided that the training is equivalent to the German medical training. This has resulted in a lot of doctors from Eastern Europe, Middle East, and the Indian Sub-continent to explore Post-Graduate Training options in Germany.


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  • Md mahmudul hasan

    I am naeem,
    How much i can earn in germany after completing my training/ being a specialist…

  • Hello sir .I have completed medical graduation from Russia and preparing for Screening test in India .is Screening test of India is mandatory to take admission in pg courses of Germany or I can take admission in Germany without Screening test of India .plz reply

  • Dr.Ankan

    Hello.i have done my mbbs from india.i want to do ms orthopedics from germany.please tell me which university is good for ortho rank wise.i have finished my a1 and a2.after this what should i do to go to germany.?after how many days after reaching approbation exam wil be held?please tel me the procedure stepwise to reach germany,getting admission in university ,getting approbation, duration of ortho course and recognition by MCI ..

    • Ashok

      Hello Dr Ankan

      Your questions are mostly answered on this site itself. However, I have mailed you separately. Please do accordingly.


  • rohit

    hello ashok, i have completed my post graduation in radiodiagnosis from india i wish to move to germany for fellowship programme and job as a specialist kindly guide me for the same regards
    dr rohit

    • Ashok

      Hello Rohit

      The provincial medical councils in Germany rarely recognize PG qualifications earned outside the EU. Even if you manage to obtain credits for your PG(Radio-diagnosis), you will have to obtain “Approbation”(License to practice) and intern for 12 months in a relevant medical facility after which you/your performance will be evaluated to ascertain whether you can be conferred the “Specialist” title in Radio-diagnosis. Now, this is an exception.

      The standard/and predictable way for you to work as a SPECIALIST in Germany is the standard pathway available for all non-EU medical graduates. However, your higher qualification will help you find a relevant position quickly as compared to someone without it.

      Hope this helps.


  • satish kanwar

    I have done my mbbs from Ukraine and 2yr clinical ordinator in General surgery from vinnitsa national medical university Ukraine. I am working in India in government hospital for 5yr. Want to do surgery ms degree from Germany. Is it valid in India to practice as surgeon as per Mci norm. How long can I work in Germany as General surgeon. Please tell salary package and other facilities with procedure to apply there

  • Hello, wanted to clarify some questions. I am a internal medicine specialist from Israel and now doing my fellow in cardiology.
    I was thinking about doing fellowship on ACHD in Germany and I am interested if I could stay and work there for some more years after that fellowship program. Is it possible? And what am I supposed to do if it’s so?

  • my name is dr muhammad ali shahani i have 3 years experience can i get job in germany

    • Ashok

      Hello Dr Ali

      Yes. you can take the “Assistant Doctor” job cum training route like everyone else. Please read the FAQ’s on this site to understand the process.


  • irfan

    I am Dr Irfan from Pakistan. i am currently working in Islamabad. i am intrested to get post graduation degree in medicine from Germany. how can I apply?
    and secondly can I do job in Germany?

    • Ashok

      Hello Irfan

      Depending on your eligibility, you can train in Germany and become a Specialist. Specialist training in Germany happens in training hospitals and you will be working in the post of “Assistant Doctor” during the training phase itself and also receive a salary. Please check the FAQ’s on the site for details.


  • Munkhjargal

    Hello, Currently I am medical school student in Mongolia and i’m preparing for USMLE. But i’m also intrested in Post graduate medical training programm in German. So I have no idea how to approach to it, like what kind of licencing examination in German and Do I have to be fluent in German language?…. By the way future specialisation is definitely Neurosurgeon, thankh u

    • Ashok

      Hello Munkhjargal

      You will need to wait till you finish medical school and obtain registration to begin the process for Germany. Yes, a German language proficiency is required. Best of luck.


  • sanjiv shreatha

    Hello, im dr.sanjiv shreatha from Nepal.I’m a medical graduate and currently working as house officer in Kathmandu.reagrding the reputation of German medical education Im well known and interested to get my masters degree from Germany.what are the requirements if I want to work as house officer in Germany or I want to do my post graduation from there??

    • Ashok

      Hello Sanjiv

      To work in Germany as a Doctor, you need to obtain Registration in Germany. Registration in Germany also opens door to PG Specialist training as well. I assume you have spend time on the site and have understood the important aspects of PG Training in Germany. If you have any specific questions, you may call or mail me on ashokniche@gmail.com



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