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  • Congratulations – Dr Aashvin R (PG in Surgery)

    Congratulations – Dr Aashvin R (PG in Surgery)

    Folks, Another piece of exciting news from our current PGMP batch in Bonn- Dr Aashvin R obtained PG Training position in Surgery in a hospital near Berlin.The first two years […]

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  • Congrats Dr Shijo- Plastic Surgery Germany!!!

    Congrats Dr Shijo- Plastic Surgery Germany!!!

    Another piece of exciting and encouraging news from Bonn; Dr Shijo J, participant of PGMP batch 9 called me last night to  inform  that he has obtained a  PG Placement […]

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  • Medical Terminology Exam Experience!!!

    Medical Terminology Exam Experience!!!

    Hello All, My experience in the Fachsprache (Medical Terminology examination) in the run up to PG Med/Surgery in Germany follows:  The exam has 3 parts  1. Arzt Patient Gesprache– Doctor […]

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  • Congrats Dr Manoj K!!!

    Congrats Dr Manoj K!!!


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  • Nurses to Germany!!

    Nurses to Germany!!

    We have urgent requirement for Nurses in Germany. Qualified and registered Nurses with B2 level/currently learning German language should contact immediately.  Approx salary is Euro 30000/PA. Contact Mr K P […]

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  • Congrats Dr K Verma!!!

    Congrats Dr K Verma!!!

    Another exciting success story to share with the doctor’s community aspiring to train in Germany. Dr K Verma cleared the approbation examinations this week, in the first attempt itself. By […]

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  • Success Story!!!

    Success Story!!!

    We started the new year with two success stories. Dr Shaju S & Dr A.Shaikh obtained PG Training positions of their choice in Germany and also the work-permit . I […]

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  • Placement update

    Placement update

    Our batch of Indian doctors saw two  more placements this week of Dr Shaju S & Dr Shaikh A, both in branches of their choice in Internal Mdicine.  With this […]

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  • My Internship experience- PG Germany

    My Internship experience- PG Germany

    Hello everyone. I would like to share my experience during Hospitation in Internal Medicine department in a hospital here in Germany and some things in the hospital, which I found […]

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  • My Approbation Examination!

    My Approbation Examination!

      The exam is divided into 2 parts. In the first half, I was given a case to take complete history and patient examination. This demands an advanced level of […]

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